jason_watts_profileMy name is Jason Watts and I am a dentist and consultant. Throughout life I have found myself constantly looking towards the future and trying to see what is out there. I realized that I was spending more time dreaming and thinking about what I “could have been” versus creating what I “will be”.

Throughout my youth I was always told I was “special”. This was not the “special” as in smart beyond my years, and with a great career ahead, but “special” as in cannot excel in school, overly energetic, and will be lucky to even go to college. That greatly effected who I wanted to be while growing up. For years I always believed I would not become anything so I just focused my energy in competitive sports. I started to realize I was pretty good at that so why could I not be pretty good at school?

All of a sudden I became focused, started to get significantly better grades, and believed I could further progress to become a doctor. I focused my energy, set my goals and started working towards applying to dental school. Fast forward four years and I was accepting my white coat into dental school.

While in dental school I knew there was more to this profession than people fearing me and working on teeth all day. I started to realize the daily impact I had on people and my community. I believed I could do more…
In dental school I joined the American Student Dental Association with over 23,000 members and soon became the National Vice President. I started to realize that my professors were wrong while growing up, but more importantly “I” was wrong for letting them inhibit my ability to grow because I did not know differently.

I started to apply this positive and optimistic mentality to everything in my life. I started to believe that I could accomplish anything I set my mind to. I applied this belief to dentistry, my practice, as well as triathlons, motivational speaking, and my dreams. I believe that we must create ourselves in life for we only have one life to live. We must maximize every day and never look in the past with regret.

Now I have turned to the journey of inspiration and motivation. I have looked at many and only see fear and regret. It is with their fear and regret that ignites my passion to help, inspire and motivate others. It is my vision to “inspire and motivate others to be more than they have become.”

It is incredible how contagious optimism can be. I plan to infect the world with positivity for there is too much disbelief that is holding us back from accomplishing our dreams.

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